5 Engagement Ring Facts that no longer exist now

Engagements are the occasions with an essence of culture and traditions.

Let’s agree that diamond engagement ring designs aren’t the only ones we see exchanged between the couple. The metal choice, ring style, and stone embellishment, everything carries a meaning.

So, when it comes to engagement rings, we often see some myths and facts. Rule-breakers often ignore them while some still follow the age-old family traditions. Well, in either way, you can still make it for a beautiful ring in the end.

We are about to check out some so-called facts about engagement rings that don’t exist anymore.

Rule-breaking Engagement Ring Ideas you’ll Love

5 Facts about Engagement Rings that are old-school

  1. Both – The Engagement Ring & Proposal should always be a surprise

This isn’t applicable in all cases. People handle relationships differently and the same applies to proposals.

If you’re planning to get engaged and know your partner well, you know if you can say it with a surprise or not. Also, you can take your partner to choose the engagement ring they love. So, it all sums up to timings, situations, availability, and more factors.

  1. You should put-in 3-month salary for the Engagement Ring

While this could be a great idea for people who can afford it, it may leave middle-class families in despair.

That’s superb if you can buy the engagement ring of your beloved’s dream. But, it’s fair enough if you can invest in the affordable diamond ring for the occasion. We suggest you find a better option without going overboard.

In case, if you need help, you can check out our just arrived collection for the latest diamond ring designs starting from a nominal budget. We assure you won’t be disappointed with limited choices. Our grandeur range of diamond rings for women can even be shopped within 10K INR. Really!

  1. For diamonds: The Bigger, the Better

It’s not an assurance that bigger diamonds mean long-lasting marriage. Also, eternal love doesn’t need to be symbolized with bigger-sized diamonds, right.

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You have to consider the 4Cs besides the carat weight, i.e., size, cut, color, and clarity. Depending on your budget, you may choose whether you’re ok with 1 carat or your budget permits for 0.5 carats. No matter what you choose, it will represent your love that’ll last a lifetime.

  1. Engagement Rings have to be a Diamond Ring

This is one of the biggest myths for engagement rings. Let’s not forget the engagement ring of The Duchess of Cambridge, its Sapphire & truly wonderful.

Similarly, you are free to choose from ruby, emerald, sapphire, and colored diamonds too. Let us tell you that no other rules apply when it is about your engagement. Trends keep changing and stones aren’t that bad to be bestowed as an engagement ring. Take a step forward & be the change!

  1. Vintage Style Engagement Rings are out-of-fashion

We have seen people deeply in love with antique and vintage designs just like they love trendy ones. So, if you think it will not work out, you may be wrong. Also, you may consider the bride-to-be’s preferences to make the decision.

That’s all to share at the moment.

We hope you got to know something useful that will surely help you choose the best engagement rings for women or men.

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