5 Tips to Choose Designer Jewellery for Bridesmaid

Buying online designer jewellery for casual wear and wedding jewellery are two extremes. When you are a bridesmaid, all eyes are on you too as you are complementing her while she is walking down the aisle. What else could be more pleasing than choosing the right designer diamond jewellery with exclusive tips!

Choose Designer Diamond Jewellery as per Body Type

5 Designer Jewellery buying Tips for Bridesmaids

Picking Online Designer Jewellery can get sorted with a few tips. We already know that no big day is complete without contemporary jewellery designs, whether you’re a bride or a bridesmaid. Here is a quick guide for picking the pieces that will accentuate and add shimmer to the beautiful day.

  1. Choose the Outfit First

Always prefer to choose the dress first before hopping over the accessories. Reversing this cycle will get you messed. Depending on the type of dress you choose, selecting the complementing jewellery and accessories will become a lot easier. Your outfit choice influences the kind of jewellery you can wear with it. For instance, if you are wearing a shimmering gown, the chance of bedecking yourself with overwhelming jewellery is less. Going minimal will be a great idea here. Hope you got it!

Tip: Opt for those jewellery pieces which you can wear later & they don’t get into your “sometimes wearable” jewellery collection.


  1. Plan your Budget

At times, you may feel like you want to buy all of your most liked jewellery pieces at once but No! You can’t do so. For instance, if you like to wear diamond rings, you will want to wear them in all of your fingers but you only have 10 of them.

Planning a budget will help you filter the diamond jewellery designs. Set a budget limit and keep it a bit flexible so that if you like a design which is a bit higher than your planned expenditure, you can adjust it.


  1. Dare to be Colorful

Who says monotonous jewellery can only create a balanced look? If you want to look different, dare to experiment with your choices. Do you remember the multicolor stone neckpiece of Meera Rajput Kapoor at her wedding? What a stunning piece it was.

Moral of the story is, break the rules. Wear contrasting gemstone jewellery and create celebrity looks in no time.


  1. Less is more

Wearing jewellery does not mean you should wear all that you have. Sometimes, statement pieces can do it all for you. You can trust designer diamond earrings and a break to pendants and draw all the attention to what you want to highlight.

You can say that jewellery plays a major role in outlining your look and when you are a bridesmaid, be very careful with what you choose.


  1. Be Yourself

It is great if you blend with the trends but don’t follow them blindly. Wear what you are most comfortable with. If you find diamond chandelier earrings as a burden, stick to the studs. After all, confidence is the most precious jewel you will ever wear and so you should wear which makes you feel like home.

This concludes the 5 quick tips. Hope you have found them useful. Keep coming for more of the trendy topics.


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