Designer Diamond Jewelry

7 Amazing Tips to up your style game with Designer Diamond Jewellery

Designer diamond jewellery is such a go-to way for adding a little sparkle, creativity and a sense of individuality to our outfit. Even a basic tee and jeans can be pulled like a pro when you know how to pick right pieces to enhance the look. You can even do wonders with your casual kurta or formal shirts.

Accessorizing jewelry is so much fun but finding yourself in an uninspired jewelry rut comes often too. How will you discover if this is your story too? You have shopped some pretty pair of diamond earrings online and you are rotating the same day after day? Do you always forget wearing your favorite diamond bracelet? Is your jewelry lying in a messy box or you just store it carelessly somewhere in your drawer? Well, if the answer to such questions is yes, it’s the time to re-think about jewelry styling and you really need a dose of motivation! Let us check out some jewelry titbits and restore excitement to your styling like ever before.

Rule #1 – There are no rules!

Like you’ve heard, why think outside the box when there is no box, you can apply the same to styling differently. Who sets the rules and why would you follow it? Break the rules and do what you love. Accessorizing is the most exciting part of the outfit and everyone literally have their own way to depict personality. You have to decide exactly how you want to depict yourself to others. If you like it, wear it, as simple as that! When you feel like no fashion tips are right for you, follow your heart and go for it, that’s all.

Reload Fun with Metal Mishmash

When wearing one metal color leaves you missing another one, why don’t you try a beautiful combo instead? No need to stick to yellow gold all the time. You can also think of a designer pendant which contrasts with your gold chain. There is never a shortage of diamond pendants designs which don’t contrast with the chain after all! This should have given you thoughts of trying this now, isn’t it?

Do you know? Stacking diamond rings for women with all three metal colors can be the most versatile part of your look.

What’s your spotlight centerpiece?

You cannot wear all of your jewelry at once and we all have that one trinket which we want to be focused. So you have to decide where do you want people to gaze at when you are dressing-up something special? Obviously, when you are wearing something very precious like diamond bracelets for womens, for instance, you will like to draw attention to it. Similarly, you can combine your focusing trinket in a way that it makes an impact. Taking another instance, if you have decided to wear the statement necklace, wear subtle rings and earrings to highlight it.

Never be a Trend-Slave

Trend addiction never actually goes away, no matter how hard we try. Being trend-influenced is great to some extent but don’t let it rule your head. Don’t just slavishly follow trends at the cost of your personality and personal jewelry taste. Choose to be a trendsetter instead. When trend haunts you, add some confidence and evolve with your own style and let them wonder how you did so.

Turn No Necklace Look into ‘wow’

Who says you have to mandatorily wear all the jewelry? Give a break to your expensive necklaces and a chance to diamond earrings to take the courtesy of your flawlessness. This especially holds true when you want to draw attention towards your bold earrings to flaunt with low-cut or high neck outfits. You’ll never feel the absence of necklace, really!

Wear your sentimental jewelry pieces (Only if they fit)

Just because it is your favorite doesn’t mean you have to wear it all the time. This includes diamond engagement rings and wedding rings too. This can give a chance to the rest of the trinkets in your wardrobe to show-up. Try some variety with your style as life is too short to wear same jewelry over and over again.

No match works too!

What is different is what catches the eye. Do we wear jewelry which forms a synchronized look but have you tried going astray? It’s a lot more fun and eye-catching to wear things which are not a part of the set. You can even break the diamond pendant sets and wear the pendant alone and wear earrings exclusively with some other outfit without a pendant. For instance, you can also try a ruby pendant with a simple diamond stud earrings which don’t have any gemstone studding. That’s cool though.

Enjoyed the tips? Don’t just read and forget, try them on girls! Meanwhile, explore our latest diamond jewellery design and find some gorgeousness for the pretty you.


  1. If you are looking to keep up with current jewelry trends and fashion…i must say this 50 Necklaces Designs surprised you with his amazing work.

  2. If you are looking to keep up with current jewelry trends and fashion…i must say this 50 Necklaces Designs surprised you with his amazing work.