All About the Affection gained at KARRA

KARRA is a well-known Designer Show organized at frequent intervals, where designers across India participate with their best collection and shoppers can easily buy sublime couture jewelry, wedding trousseau, home decor and much more, all within same roof.

Charu Jewels keenly participated in this exhibition and showcased best-in-class designs of Diamond Jewelry during KARRA carnival at Baroda on 15th & 16th April, 2017 and at Ahmedabad on 18th & 19th April, 2017. The love and praise we received over these days is really difficult to be conveyed in words. People eagerly explored subtle designs at Charu Jewels booth and they loved the finesse of craftsmanship and brilliance in our innovative designs of bespoke jewelry. They got irresistible from buying them and bagged their favorite jewels home.

Charu Jewels - The KARRA Designer Show

Charu Jewels - The KARRA Designer Show | Baroda | Ahamedabad

Charu Jewels Shop - The KARRA Designer Show | Ahamedabad Shop | Baroda Shop

People shopped designer dresses for wedding and found amazing match from range of masterpieces which included Diamond Necklaces, enchanting Diamond Earrings, mystifying Rings, charming Pendant Sets and other trinket accessories.

The constant association with KARRA is not achieved overnight. It requires a certificate of excellence in real diamond jewelry, which is proudly possessed by Charu Jewels.

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