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Avoid ‘Oops..!’ While Accessorizing at Workplace

Women are best choice makers whether it is about selecting the interior of a home, trending attires or jewelry. They are a pro in getting their wish lists fulfilled with the best stuff. Shopping is the favorite hobby of every woman and when it comes to shopping diamond jewellery online, they are always eager to shop the most trending pieces and have them in their exclusive collection.

It is impossible for fashion geeks to resist shopping the trinkets they love the most but there are times when you have to make a smarter choice when you are a working woman and you are picking a pretty piece for wearing at work. Many times, it is difficult to make choice from the piece you love the most and want to shop it and the one which can make you look stuffed with jewelry because you are wearing it at an office.

Workplace wardrobe holds great importance. It defines your sense of style at work. Here are some common mistakes made by Women while choosing work-wear jewelry which must be avoided. It’s not only you who could be confused but many like you might be in need of right guidance for the same as wearing sober jewelry is an art and not everyone possesses it, make sure you are successful in carrying your style with elegance, thus keeping the environment in mind.

Not keeping it ‘To the Point’

The main purpose of jewelry is to accentuate your outfit but when you are wearing it at work; you need to take care that it must not make you look over-jeweled. You would definitely unlike to wear the chunks that blend completely with your formal outfits. It is better to choose the trinkets that are the combination of your ensemble.

The rule of thumb is to avoid pieces that are noisy or consist of elements that make noise. Avoid wearing anklets or bracelets that can make jangling sound while you walk as it is your office and you have to maintain the dignity of an environment and your designation too.

Avoid the ones that are over sparkling. It is general to understand that designer diamond pendant or ring is fine but the diamond necklace is just too much for office wear.

Opposite to Personality

You might be a jolly personality but this must not let you wear pieces that are too loud or flashy and must not let you back to wear something boring or generic either. Keep it simple and let yourself feel serene at work by wearing statement jewelry that becomes a reflection of your personality.

Remember that your workplace is not a venue to show off your funky beaded bracelet as well as it is not the right place to flaunt the precious chandeliers that your husband gifted you.

You need the right amount of glistening which is exactly found in Charu Jewels Amaya Collection, an exclusive workwear collection of lightweight designer diamond jewelry crafted in rose gold, to add subtle shine to your beauty and grace at the workplace and reflect the strong and stunning personality that you are.

Considering Workplace Hazards along with Style

There are certain rules for wearing bijouterie at different workplaces. Not everyone is working in an office, some are teachers, some might be appointed at a point of sales in mall or sales officer at jewelry showroom while some are employed as nurses, which means that you need to keep the surroundings of your workplace in mind before choosing particular jewelry piece.

As an example, nurses are not allowed to wear danglers or chandeliers and are required to wear studs, which are not much in size as patients might grab them while they are in operation theater. If you are working in a laboratory, it is advisable to skip wearing diamond rings or watches as it might cause you burns or irritation if the chemical reacts with the metal or material that you are wearing. While you are working with machines in a factory, wearing dangling jewelry might put you in trouble by getting in the machines while you are packing the product.

Keeping these hazards in mind, certain rules are framed. You need to follow the protocols and that is why you need to shop the chunks that add the right amount of elegance to your formal ensembles.

We are here to help you keep it Right

Whether you want to shop for diamond rings, designer diamond bracelets, earrings or diamond pendant sets, we have an exclusive collection for all those pretty ladies who have dedicated jewelry lovers and do not want to part from their trinkets while they are working with equal dedication at work.

As the lightweight jewelry collection in variation of 18k and 14k gold, Amaya is what you would love as it would add the right amount of glow tinted in rose gold, for a unique impression of distinct personality at affordable prices so you just have to pair your favorite designer chunks and imitate how to wear jewelry perfectly and give a new definition to wear jewelry while at work.


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