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Be the best-dressed guest & Rock your Destination Wedding Looks

Wedding trends are moving like breeze. Every bride and groom want to make their special day differently and want to lock their wedding ceremonies in time. This gets to be an amazing chance for the guests to attend uniquely planned destination weddings and have fun. After all, it is the time to shine and you cannot step back from showing off your fashionista side.

So let’s assume the exotic destination options which can make you dress as per the demand. It could either be a grand palace of Jaipur and Udaipur or amidst the serenity of the beach in Goa or Kerala or a gratifying island of Andaman and Nicobar, you need to play different roles accordingly. Fashion is an instant language and you have to pull off the look like a pro.

Even if it is not about the wedding, Life is a party and you should dress like it. After all, you are no less than a fashionista who doesn’t just dress well but slays any look with opulence. Here are some tips and tricks to plan a complete wedding trip and show your smart fashion moves at any destination and make the heads turn.

  1. Be a smart traveler

Don’t be the last minute runner. The prices can go skyrocket too fast as the most popular wedding locales have limited flights. When you have already decided to attend the wedding, book it! It will obviously your bestie tying the knot, a cousin or a close relative and you don’t have to wait for the invitation card to confirm. Make a checklist prior packing your luggage so you don’t miss anything, from a bobby pin to heels. After all, to look perfect at the functions, you need to pack everything first.

  1. Have you checked your ‘S.I.P.C’ List?

S.I.P.C goes to Straightener, Iron, Power Bank and Charger. These are the essentials you cannot ignore. It is a different thing if you will have your stylist there. But if you are a firm believer of DIY style, you just cannot leave this kit behind. And believe me, you never get plenty of time to get ready at a destination wedding and you have to dress neat and glam. A local parlor can turn out to be a nightmare here. Now is the time you will be proud to have hair styling accessories and of course, the power bank and charger which is not less than your smartphone’s lifeline.

  1. What’s in your fashion wardrobe?

Indian wedding and Indian wardrobe go hand in hand and pretty well together. But who says ethnic wear only? Maxi dresses are in-trend and Indo-western will make you a gorgeous blend of tradition with a touch of chic attitude. If you are confused what to wear, just check in the celebrity look-book. Recently, Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor gave us major dressing goals in a true diva essence.

  1. Wedding Jewelry On Point

Save yourself from the hassle later and keep your precious diamond jewelry along with the outfits. Don’t forget to take the statement jewelry along with you. Match the diamond earrings length with your neckline to closely match the look. As you are not going to attend a single function but a pool party, bachelorette party, rituals and then the reception will follow. Count the diamond rings and designer diamond bracelets you will have to take with you.

It is quite risky carrying all the precious jewelry you have so try to keep it minimal. Avoid carrying your precious diamond necklace and take diamond pendant sets if you are fond of neckwear jewelry.

  1. Howdy weather!?

It is not a cup of tea to dress-up like a fashionista; you need to keep each and everything in mind. Weather is also a major criterion to choose the outfits, jewelry and even footwear too. This might seem weird but it’s true. Pick the right fabric for warm weather so you don’t feel like carrying kilos as you cannot carry AC everywhere at a destination wedding. And the lightweight diamond jewelry will help you achieve an even versatile look. If you are wearing a saree, you can also try wrapping drape or altering the draping styles in your own unique way.

Destination weddings are all about getting out of the comfort zone and going an extra mile to enjoy the fullest. Are you ready for it now!


  1. Beautiful article…..its very informative thanks!!

  2. Beautiful article…..its very informative thanks!!

  3. Wow, wow, wow!!! Can’t believe all the moving parts of these absolutely gorgeous pieces!! It was such a pleasure to view them!! Would be even better to own one .


  4. Wow, wow, wow!!! Can’t believe all the moving parts of these absolutely gorgeous pieces!! It was such a pleasure to view them!! Would be even better to own one .