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Geometric Play of the Bright Flower

The Bright Flower is handcrafted designer diamond jewellery collection from the house of Charu Jewels which is an exotic creation of flowers. Flowers, which are mood boosters are liked by women to adorn as jewellery. Blending the beauty of florets and leaves with geometric patterns will be a modern twist to the casual wear bijouterie.

For women who are obsessed with wearing ‘unique’ diamond jewellery designs, here is a designer jewellery collection which will be great to buy one for casual and work-wear. Let’s see how you can make a perfect combination from our The Bright Flower range of jewellery.

We have designed four peppy designer jewellery pieces which are a go-to one for women who like on-point accessorizing.

Online Designer Jewellery

Geometric Diamond Rings for Women

Geometric Diamond Rings for Women are in trend for long and we have given it a new look with the opulence of flowers. Diamond rings which is one of the most favorite jewels of women are undoubtedly available in mesmerizing designs but when it comes to regular wear, most women refrain from heavy designs.

Edrah Shine Diamond Gold Ring

Diamond ring designs which consist of appropriate diamond studding are right for casual wear but they are not supposed to be boring at all. Here is an instance of ring design which will enhance your finger.

Minimal Diamond Pendants Designs

Ayuze Diamond Gold Pendant

Though Designer Pendants are the smallest piece of accessories, Diamond Pendants Designs are being noticed. Imagine the situation when you are attending an interview or welcoming guests at your home, how impressive your image will get in handcrafted jewellery adorned?

Sassy Diamond Stud Earrings

Faraa Window of Love Diamond Gold Earring

Diamond Stud Earrings is the most preferred choice of women whether it is for casual wear or party wear. Even stud earrings are now available in fancy and heavily-studded designs to pair with designer outfits. How about picking diamond studs which will sync with western and traditional outfits?

Beautiful Diamond Bracelet Designs

Diamond Bracelet Designs are now desired to be minimal. What makes a difference is a classic choice you make. Tennis bracelets are now less in trend as compared to bangle style bracelets and the attractive element is the center design of the bracelet.

Floral Faba Diamond Gold Bracelet

Ever wondered how flower settings will look in triangle, hexagon or square? Have a look at this design…

It is not possible for us to bring all the amazing jewellery designs in one blog so why don’t you discover more of them with us now!

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