Casual Diamond Rings – Are you accessorizing it Right?

Diamond Rings are present in different patterns and in variant gold hues. There is a different class of jewelry lovers who are crazy for rings and they keep on shopping the trending chunks wherever they come across. Owning fascinating pieces is a different thing and carrying it right way is a different thing. It is a fact that everyone might possess jewelry, few of them have the most enchanting pieces and yet few of them possess the sense of pairing it right according to an occasion.

One does not need to make a great amount of effort to be labeled as a pro. Women are already sensible to fashion and it requires little attention to common things which are generally ignored by the rest. Detailing you tips from our experts, you are about to know the tips and tricks to accessorize your favorite diamond ring.

Uncommon styling with Casual Rings

‘There is no such thing as too much bling this sounds pretty good when you are adorning jewelry with party wear outfits and not with the simple ones which you wear on daily basis at home or at the office. With Casual Diamond Rings by Charu Jewels, there are innumerable styling options you can experiment.

Wearing sweet and simple jewelry will add a proper amount of shine to your outfits. It is well said that jewelry must be a valuable addition to your outfit so you should opt for a design which is not heavy studded with diamonds as it would give an overstuffed impression of your personality while you are accessorizing it with work wear.

Lightweight Casual Rings from our wide bijouterie range is made available especially for working women who never compromise on their jewelry passion. Also, avoid wearing gem-studded rings casually as they will not suit with your daily wear and can cause your precious trinket to lose its gloss when it is frequently adorned. Let it be occasional wear.

Try out Tints

Instead of constantly wearing yellow gold diamond rings, take out that white and rose hue gold band out of your jewelry case and flaunt them with ethnic and western attire. Rose gold jewelry is already trending this season and you will be wearing a trendy chunk.

Consider Skin Tone for Perfect Match

There might be a lot of rings already in your collection and you are free to shop whichever you love but keep one thing in mind that if you will wear jewelry according to your skin tone, nothing like it could complement your beauty. If you really love to wear stack rings, you can wear all three shades of gold stacked along.

Keep the Place and Occasion in Mind

While you are accessorizing for a party, say no to casual rings. Engagement Rings can undoubtedly be adorned with every outfit. Cocktail Rings and Multi-finger rings are best choices here. It is the correct time to take out your colorful bling jewelry chunks out of your wardrobe and pair them with couture outfits.

Sometimes you have to keep your favorite diamond ring back in the closet because you also need to keep the jewel co-ordinated with the place you are wearing. For instance, you cannot wear your antique hereditary ring at destination wedding during monsoon. It can harm the original charm of long preserved jewelry. Instead, you can wear oversized diamond rings.

Experiment with Gems

Wearing all jewelry synchronized with each other might give a chunky look. It is nearly outdated wearing the jewelry this way. It is a visual distraction if one wear matching diamond necklace, bracelet, ring, and pendant or pendant set.

It is not necessary to always wear matching jewelry. Sometimes, mix and match work better than exact match. Gemstone Rings are the way you can differentiate between matching and contrasting jewelry. They are the best way to compliment your designer dresses as a tint of preciousness will never appear less charming.

Reflect your Personality in Brief

Jewelry is the way one reflects own personality. Whether you are simple, sweet, sophisticated, funky, bubbly, playful or glamorous personality, your jewelry defines you in brief. Especially everyone notices the diamond rings that you are habituated of wearing always. Keep your personality in mind while wearing rings.

The main intention of wearing jewelry after all is to add an additional spark to outfit. Choose a ring which suits perfectly with the outfits of your style and not only with few of them.

Explore the rhythmic ring collection by Charu Jewels and shop the amazing designer diamond rings. Add a pinch of glamor to your existing diamond jewelry collection by purchasing the timeless pieces. Bijouterie that is handcrafted and crafted out of pure 18k and 14k gold and embellished with diamonds is a fresh upgrade we constantly add for you.


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