City’s best jewellery store, Charu Jewels.

With its headquarters in The Diamond City- Surat, prior to its establishment, the association of Charu Jewels with diamond exists since 1989. The most exquisite diamond jewellery is showcased by Charu Jewels since many decades with outstanding craftsmanship, international designs and extraordinary gem studding in its jewellery. Even most of the famous jewellery stores swear on its designs and quality it provides in jewellery.

Attracting both, national and international clients every year, it is one of the best jewellery stores in India. From traditional jewellery pieces to the latest ones, Charu Jewels has enhanced look of women every time they wear jewellery. Understanding that jewellery is a very personal thing to each woman, exclusive collection of women’s jewellery is crafted on different themes like floral, abstract, geometry, working women jewellery, couture diamond jewellery, which is highly in demand by its customers.

It is a pro in crafting innovative designs and is skilled in trend setting in market. The proudest collection of Charu Jewels is showcased beautifully in its store in the center of Surat city. With a complete control on quality and design of gems and jewellery, in the manufacturing unit, each design is taken care personally to be matching the taste and desire of clients and thus it caters its esteem clients with best quality and service.

For its easy reach by clients, Charu Jewels web store is launched specially after soaring demands from its loving clients who are left out of its service reach. It ensures the collection made available by it online is as personalised and real as it is found physically on its store. Its finest jewellery collection is available online as well as exclusive couture jewellery collection is also viewed with ease.

What makes it one of the best?

Every jewellery store is unique in its class, but the jewellery collection offered by Charu Jewels is something different and more adorable. It has exclusive collection of rings, engagement rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, pendants, diamond mangalsutra, pendant sets and other accessories like nose ring.

All of the designs in each piece of jewellery is taken a personal care to match women’s grace and satisfaction of customers.

For men, it has uncommon and very masculine designs for men’s rings, bracelets, pendant and other accessories like cufflinks, diamond and gold buttons making them a formal fusionist.

Charu Jewel’s Couture Jewellery Collection

The couture collection of Charu Jewels adds more to the jewellery style to regular jewellery designs. Premium quality designed jewellery of its Couture jewellery for women, these jewellery are made on customized concepts of clients and are one time jewellery, not seen or available on regular basis and are high fashion jewellery mainly worn on special occasions, studded with colourful gems and diamonds.

Couture jewellery collection includes couture ring designs, couture engagement rings for women to give an angelic glow, couture diamond earrings with a bold and chunky look, couture pendant sets, and couture bangle designs with royal diamonds, couture mangalsutra, couture necklaces and accessories.

With style variations in normal jewellery designs for men, Charu Jewels offer couture rings for men, which are a blooming glory and excellent craftsmanship of gold and diamonds make it appear outstanding.

Special Collections by Charu Jewels

Utsav Collection

Jewellery itself is an occasion. To brighten your festivals, Charu Jewels provides an exclusive collection of jewellery in the form of its Utsav collection. It redefines inner and outer glow distinguishing you from the crowd and making you the center of attraction and enlightens you at perfection. At Charu Jewels, jewellery is designed keeping in mind that jewellery is a way of expressing gratitude not only to family and friends, but also to oneself.

Rishte Collection

The wedding jewellery collection by Charu Jewels is Rishte Collection. Bridal jewellery needs to be special in a different manner. Superb bangles designs and pretty diamond studding in bridal wear pendant sets are on focus. The combination of golden engraving with diamond and gem studding in a contemporary style in diamond bracelets for bride is not left by any eye unseen.