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Design Your Diamond Jewellery Online in 4 Easy Steps

Customized Designer Diamond Jewellery is the new thing everyone is getting crazy for!

We can’t deny the fact that we easily get obsessed with the jewellery pictures you see on Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Some try hard to get it at the nearest jewellery stores but don’t find it, unfortunately. Another issue is that you like some portions from multiple jewellery images and want them to be combined as one jewellery piece.

Here is when you need a trusted jeweller who can make the exact one for you & we can do it for you! Create your own Design & see what we can craft for you.

4-Step Diamond Jewellery Customization Process

Step:1 Upload the Reference Image of Jewellery Design

All you have to do is upload a clear image of the jewellery design you wish to be created. Please note that a clear picture will make it convenient to understand your requirements and deliver the exact product in the end.

A single image can be uploaded at a time this way:

Customize Pendant Design Process-Charu Jewels

Step: 2 Choose the Diamond Quality

Once you’ve successfully uploaded the image, you can choose the gold hue i.e. Yellow, White or Rose Gold. Also, you can select whether you want your design in 18-carat or 14-carat gold. Next, the diamond quality ranging from the highest to minimal inclusions is available to choose from.

Customize Pendant Design Process at Charu Jewels

You also need to add your contact details here for us to revert as soon as possible.

Step:3 Get Quotation of the Jewellery

After your design is received, our support team will reach you within 7 days. We will share a 3D image of the jewellery to be designed exclusively for you. You’ll also get the pricing estimate before the jewelry goes into making. Once you agree with the design and price, we’ll then proceed to craft it with approval.

Step:4 Jewellery Delivered at Doorsteps

The finished jewellery design will be delivered at your doorsteps as soon as possible. Be assured to receive the jewellery design the same as the 3D Image sent to you. Also, you’ll get diamond quality certifications along with the product.

Perks of Making Personalized Diamond Jewellery with Charu Jewels
  • One of the Best stores for Diamond Jewellery in Surat
  • All types of Jewellery Customization Available
  • Certified Diamonds
  • Top-grade Finishing
  • Competitive Prices
  • Faster Delivery

So, what’s in your checklist? Do you want to get a name-designer pendant or diamond ring made from us for your loved ones? Feel free to reach us now!

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