3 Designer Diamond Jewellery Styles to try this Monsoon

Designer Diamond Jewellery should be included in the must-buy list for this coming monsoon. We usually buy raincoats, umbrellas and even waterproof makeup, isn’t it? Then why not give an upgrade to our wardrobes to welcome the rains with diamond jewellery as fresh as the raindrops.

As the breezy-fizzy weather arrives, it also brings the time when the chic style is to be taken to the level next. Because no season should be the barrier for your fashion, your style statement should be as ravishing as spring/summer and winter. You will need fine gold diamond jewellery online which matches your grace and reveals your vivacious cuteness during the season.

Moreover, life is always better when in the pair! So make this monsoon even more amazing by shopping the matching designs of your favorite trinkets. We have a freshly designed and exclusively crafted lightweight diamond jewellery design collections for you. Have a check!

Diamond Jewellery Designs with Floral Hints

There is a unique association of monsoon with mother earth. The arrival of rains itself make the earth smelling good and we can actually feel the beauty around us. We have just blended the beauty of the flower with the preciousness of diamond jewellery. The single lotus is bind into filigree pattern with the square-symmetry of diamonds. The rose gold color supports the distinct concept in its own opulent way.

You can check out more of such patterns and buy diamond ring designs for women at affordable rates. The design shown below is from our exclusive Spring Tales collection. These ready to buy designs are made just for you, go for it!

Purity meets Creativity and Contemporary

The never-fading and ever-growing popularity of white gold inspired us to design the classy style of latest designer diamond stud earrings, rings, pendants, and bracelets. The midrise asymmetric block pattern is combined with diamonds so when the raindrop fall on you, you still shine brightly. The shimmering diamonds are creatively studded in impressive patterns you have never tried before. These small fashion accessories ensure sartorial finishing to your day-night look in monsoon. As pearls are a very bad choice for the monsoon, if you love to carry a similar shine, go for white gold. Get glistening this season with the Blooming Stars Collection.

How about Geometric Style?!

The geometric style is an evergreen trend of this generation and is expected to last long. The sumptuous diamond triangle is combined with gold asymmetric block pattern. These designs are not just light in weight but can literally upgrade your look like never before. Comfortable, good-looking and sophisticated is all you can say to all of our designer diamond pendants collection of which the below one is just a glimpse. You can worry-free shop and wear these minimalist designs with least diamond studding so you don’t have to worry about getting them damaged in monsoon. Find more of such impressive designs in Less is More Collection.

How to care for diamond jewellery in Monsoon?

Your Glisten in the Drizzle & its Care

Don’t just buy diamond jewellery online for monsoon but also learn how to take necessary care steps during the humidity season. Because your diamond jewellery needs extra attention and care during monsoon, you should not step back in doing so. So get yourself ready with fresh designs and care for them so they accompany you for years! Hope you have a happy and stylish monsoon.



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