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7 Dos & Don’ts with Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

Engagement rings for women are very special & dear to their hearts. This is the reason for most women to keep them adorned daily. However, special diamond rings deserve special care. If you fail to care for them then they might not retain the charm for a longer time. Women should make sure that it stays sparkling for years.

Caring for Diamond Engagement Rings should be your top priority. You’ve spent months to have your dream engagement rings & it’s the permanent fixture on your left hand.

We’re here to help you out with some Dos & Don’ts to keep in mind for ever-shining engagement rings…

  1. Never remove your Engagement Ring in Public

You may use public restrooms while at movies or restaurants to wash or clean your hands. But, you should resist from removing your engagement ring as you may leave and forget your precious ring near the sink. It would be the worst nightmare in case if you drop the ring down the drain & regret it forever.


  1. Don’t touch the center stone of the Diamond Rings

The best way to keep your diamond sparkling is to avoid touching the stones of your ring, especially the center stone. Diamonds easily allow settlement of dust, dirt, and body oils. So, you should never pull the stone or touch it frequently but wear and remove the ring by handling the band beneath. Alternatively, if it feels hard to remove, use hand cream to remove the ring & that can be wiped easily later.

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  1. Always keep your Rings Clean

Cleaning your diamond rings is essential but this does not mean using random cleaners. It’s not possible for everyone to have jewelry cleaners at home and so you can take diamond rings for women to the nearest jewelry store instead.


  1. Don’t let your Ring see needless wear & tear

“A Diamond is one of the hardest stones in the world” – this does not permit you to treat your diamond ring roughly. A finely cut and polished diamond can chip and is susceptible to wear and tear. Make sure that it does not strike against hard materials.


  1. Adopt a habit of ‘ring dishes’ around the house

Our home is the safest place on earth. If you really care for your diamond rings then you may use small ring dishes near your bed, around the sink & one in your kitchen drawer. You can safely put your rings there so that they don’t come into contact with harsh chemicals or unnecessary grime.


If you are outside & have to remove your ring for some reason, hang it in your gold chain & wear it that way so that you don’t lose them even by mistake.


  1. Don’t become the envy of Engagement Rings

You may fall in love with Couture designer rings for women at first sight or you may have a dream engagement ring in your mind.

However, if you receive an engagement ring that is totally opposite to what you wished for, learn to be grateful for whatever you received. Someone has chosen it with all the love & the possible budget they had. You still have that dream engagement ring in your list that you can purchase any time in your life, agree?


  1. Remove your Ring while doing hands-on activities

There are obvious occasions when you have to remove your diamond rings. For instance, you’re at the gym & lifting weights then wearing a diamond solitaire ring might make it lose its round shape. Thus, you should remove it at your home & before hitting the gym for a safer side.

We hope that you find this handful of tips useful!

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