Diamond Jewellery

Diamond Jewellery Collection #2 – The Blooming Stars

The “Blooming Stars” Designer Diamond Jewellery collection draws its inspiration from the autumn. The autumn is also colloquially referred to as ‘The Fall’. It serves as a reminder that someday it will be followed by sunshine. The cycle of one season after the other continues no matter what. In the same way, after every ‘fall’ there is sunshine, every con in life has its pros. It is good for every bad. Only if one believes that the good follows the bad, will that belief manifest itself.

Twinkling Shine of Designer Pendants

Designer Pendants are loved in every form, be it floral, geometric or minimal and you will definitely love to wear teeny-tiny diamond pendant designs in rose and yellow gold. The intervened designs with thoughtfully studded diamonds make for a perfect piece for casual occasions. Have a glimpse at the beauties here.

Olve Bloom Diamond Gold Pendant

Delirious Circle Blossom Diamond Gold Pendant

Diamond Stud Earrings – Stars on your Ear!

“I dream in diamond stud earrings” – you can say this once you explore diamond earrings online from our handcrafted collection. You will feel like you are having the stars on your ears while adorning the studs. As they are very lightweight, you can count on them even if you are a minimal jewellery lover. Choose your twinkle from the distinctly crafted range of earring designs which will make you go ‘aww’ in no time. Want to have a look? Here they are!

Fogthorn Shine Diamond Gold Earrings

Ingollo Daydream Diamond Gold Earrings

Designer Diamond Bracelets – Wrapping the Stars on Wrists

The designer diamond bracelets will make you believe that “Why to wish for a star when you can own the entire galaxy?!” Weaving the vivid diamond shapes into filigree designs, you will not just wear a jewellery piece but a minutely crafted creation which will make your day worth celebrating whenever you will wear it. You want to look outstanding and our creations will make you stand out effortlessly.

Tender Floral Shine Diamond Gold Bracelet

Keentide Shine Diamond Gold Bracelet

The Blooming Stars is created corresponding to that belief. Hope may be intangible but it can surely be expressed in various ways. Blooming Stars is the expression of this magnanimous hope. This collection is crafted after the beauty of optimism and this positivity is displayed artistically in its intricate designs. The jewellery in this collection aspires to be an inspiration during the dull times in one’s life.

Hope you had a good time with us & stay tuned for more of such gorgeous collections coming your way.


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  2. Thank you so much for sharing great post very detailed explanation about competitor Keyword and learned somethings new.