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All you need to know about Diamond Jewellery during COVID-19

There is no denying that we’re living a new normal. The way you pick designer diamond jewellery to style during COVID-19 (or have random thoughts whether you should wear it or not) is something so unusual.

We’ve created hygiene baits & set our minds with some hygiene rules that never existed before. As the jewellery is an important, integral & irreplaceable part of our lives, it’s obvious to bring it in the discussion.

No matter if you’re scrolling Instagram, Facebook, or watching YouTube, everywhere you see is ‘wash your hands’. It’s essential for us to keep hands clean but did this question ever popped to you: ‘Should I wash my hands wearing rings or take it off?’

We’re about to introduce you with some facts that you must know if you’re a jewelry lover (and even if you’re not).

Let’s begin!

Define certain measures on ‘what to wear’

While you’re at home or working from home, working days and non-working days all look the same. It’s you who have to decide the type of accessories you should be wearing at home. Also, you should find ways to keep them clean & tidy.

How to clean diamond jewellery during COVID-19 outbreak?

Some essential pieces should be adorned while you can keep other precious accessories safe in your closet until you wear them next time.

Now, you may think like how to decide those ‘essentials’? And, the answer is: Wear those accessories that bring charm to your home-stay & are minimal. For instance, the diamond tennis bracelet that you adore the most may require frequent cleaning. Your favorite diamond pendants designs keep you accessorized for Zoom meetings. Now you have some clues on hand, right?

Follow the Sanitation regime

Like you sanitize every hard & soft surface & rejuvenate every corner of your home frequently, you may think to spray sanitizer on your jewelry too.

Before you do that, let us tell you that most recommended sanitizers have 60% or more alcohol content. They will surely clean your jewelry but might snatch away the gloss of gold & shimmer of diamonds. Be very careful while using any household cleaners or sanitizers on jewelry.

You can find jewelry-specific cleaners in the market so you better clean your jewelry using them. Also, this cleaning should be done once in a week so that no dirt, grime, or germs settle down in your jewelry.

Know some basics too!

We’ve mentioned above that some women often confuse whether they should remove their diamond rings while washing hands frequently. They also doubt if frequent handwashing or using sanitizer will damage the gloss & shine of their rings. We have the answer.

Start a new habit of keeping ring-dishes near the sink. Whenever you wash your hands, remove your precious rings, follow a handwashing regime, and wear the ring again. Similarly, while using hand sanitizer, take your ring off & wear it again once you apply sanitizer.

The same rule applies for bracelets. So, these are a few basic things you should now add to the jewelry care routine.

That’s all! So simple, isn’t it?!

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