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Diamond Rings: Are these questions bothering you too?

Wearing Diamond Rings for Women is not a new thing! Your wardrobe is literally filled up with these tiny trinkets which you love to wear daily, on particular occasion as well as according to the moods you have at times.

No matter what, diamond rings are an indivisible part of your life and no other jewel can replace it is worth, right? There is more to just purchasing jewelry and wearing it! Some issues might arise when you start wearing your dream bijouterie pieces and they make you scratch your head.

We have pointed out these common confusing questions and got them answered in a way which will instantly fade away your doubt.

  1. Should I get my rings bond or solder together? Can they be separated later?

    It is you who has to decide what should be done, especially when you have to choose one between the engagement ring and wedding ring.  When you love both of them equally and you have to select one to wear daily, you’ll definitely get confused which should be chosen.

Instead of wearing two rings separately on the same finger and causing the shanks to wear and tear when they rub together, you can get them bonded. This way you can wear both of them at the same time without damaging the design of any.

You don’t need to worry if you can get them separated later because you can! Get your diamond ring for women to your jeweler and they will use their special saw to solder, smooth and polish and give you the separated engagement ring and wedding ring again in original condition.

  1. Can I dip my yellow gold rings with white gold?

    In case if you have received any yellow gold casual diamond ring as a gift and you are a fan of white gold, you might think of getting your ring dipped with the same gold tint. Well, this is not recommended because white gold jewelry is plated with rhodium to get bright white shine.

  1. What should I do if I get allergic to my ring? What are the causes behind?

    You might feel some allergic reactions or get irritations on the skin when you wear the same diamond ring for women for a long span. This mostly happens with an engagement ring or wedding ring as well as with casual ring as they the ones adorned by women most times while diamond cocktail rings are occasional wear so there are fewer chances with them. When you carry out your daily chores like cooking, dishwashing, the accumulations of soap and tiny pieces of debris will start causing irritation.

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