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Rule-Breaking Engagement Ring Ideas You’ll Definitely Love

Engagement rings for women are very special. This thought drives every engagement ring shopper to stay extra cautious while buying one for their better half.

Most people are obsessed with celebrities & often imitate their styles when shopping for these special rings. Some follow their heart & choose to buy what they like while some go with the flow i.e. follow trends. Whatever it is, the central idea remains common – “Engagement ring should be one in a million!”

There is more than Diamonds for Engagement Rings…!

When it comes to shopping engagement rings, it’s easy to crush over diamonds. But what if you have more options that are equally elegant & give a distinct appeal? Believe us, you’ll love them too!

We are about to explore them right here & right now…

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Do you remember the Duchess of Cambridge’s Engagement Ring that set a new trend? Yes! That Royal Blue Sapphire must have popped up in your mind & we’re referring the same. Isn’t it gorgeous to have a colored gem in your finger along with diamonds studded around?

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You’ll be fantasized with the deep blue color & as it is versatile, it will combine with any casual outfit gracefully.

Emerald Engagement Rings

Very few people know the fact that the emerald engagement rings trend emerged during the Sumerian era. Choosing emeralds for engagement rings simply means wishing for luck, peace, and longevity in soon-to-be marriage.

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Whether you go for a simple classic emerald or combine it with desired metal color & diamonds, it will look excellent. Its varied shape galore will leave you stunned. Would you not like to share this brilliance with your life partner?

Moissanite Engagement Rings

Many confuse Moissanite with diamonds but they are different. Moissonite’s are cheaper than diamonds, lightweight & have higher clarity than diamonds. They aren’t fake diamonds but are impressive alternatives if you’re looking for bigger stones at better prices.

If your girl is someone who prioritizes a single-stone lavish piece, this is the one you can go for!

Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby engagement rings are the rocking choices when you want your bride to wear something unique & prosperous. It’s definitely opposite to traditional diamond rings but is a great alternative you’ll not regret. As it symbolizes love & passion, you would surely get one in your budget & desired style.

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The Takeaway

Even though it seems too tempting to buy what you like but it is also important to know what he or she wants. If you’re about to experiment then do consider his or her preference. After all, they are going to wear what you’ll buy.

Do you agree?

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