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Formal Event Jewellery Styling Guide

Buying pretty diamond Jewellery online and waiting for the right occasion to flaunt them is quite overwhelming. Well, you need to be extra careful while accessorizing with formal attire. You just cannot wear anything and should take care that you are not over-accessorized or stuffed with too many pieces.

Before we begin with a quick guide, why not have a look at some events that we tag as ‘formal’.

Which events are categorized as formal?

Any upscale party with colleagues, and after-meeting lunch or dinner, post-conference party, award functions or any such prestigious cocktail parties where you represent yourself as a responsible personality. You play an important role in professional life and so cannot afford to create a mainstream impression. Now you got the point!

Simple Guidelines to accessorize for Formal Occasions

Follow Professional Etiquettes in the first place

Jewellery is being adorned for centuries for enhancing the overall look and make a style statement. By following professional etiquettes, you can create timeless looks. The same Jewellery piece that looks boring in your closet can look classic with your formal suit or simple babycon dress.

Minimal bling also appears magical, only if you can pair it with the right outfit. For instance, engagement rings for women are too special and they prefer not to take it off during formal or casual events. To make this possible, a versatile design should be chosen in the first place.

Learn to differentiate between every day & party Jewellery

Some people are just too lazy to change their casual Jewellery while going out for parties. Don’t make such a mistake. Always draw a line between everyday and party accessories. Let’s say for example if you wear simple diamond pendant designs for regular wear, go overboard with fancy designer pendant for the party.

You should appear different at parties, that’s all. Also, formal events are meant to grab attention with the least accessories possible & highlight your personality as much as possible.

Pay special attention to Outfit Choices

Before you decide “which accessories should I wear?”, you should be sure with “What outfit you’re wearing today?”. The neckline, sleeve style, hairdo, and everything else matters a lot for any official event or weddings.

The chain necklace that makes you look gorgeous in Saree can also work with Midi Dress, given that the outfit choice is right for the given event. Also, minimalist and enchanting diamond bracelet designs can work well for cocktail parties and post-meeting party.

Wear Designer Diamond Jewellery you’re most concerned with

Don’t get distracted with chunky accessories in your closet because you can’t wear them all for formal events. You’re getting noticed, remember that. All you can do after deciding the outfit is to have a check on the accessories you can wear with the same.

For instance, you can wear a watch in your left hand so you’ll only need to look for wrist-wear for one hand. You may wear an impressive diamond solitaire ring in the hand you accessorize with a watch for a smart appeal. Secondly, you may choose diamond stud earrings or drop earrings for dainty appearance.

What do you think? Have you tried accessorizing for formal events like this before? If you have anything to share, feel free to drop it in comments.

We would love to hear from you!

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