There are multiple roles played by women in everyday life, from working women to housewives and still, they manage to look effortlessly awesome. In middle of the busy schedules at work or at home, it is jewelry that brings a charming smile on their face and infuses limitless confidence in them just to remind them they are strong enough to achieve anything in life.

Even they are facing busy schedules daily, they can still manage to stay modish. We hardly find any woman who is not style freak. Every woman is blessed with an amazing talent of styling jewelry perfectly with the daily wear outfit to form their own style statement. With different kind of attire matches of jewelry and the classy look can only be achieved when the right bijouterie goes with right outfit.


The frisky personalities choose chic style outfits like Palazzo, crop tops, and tees. College going girls tend to be equally stylish as their moms. They are very style conscious and never miss a chance in making an impacting impression in campus.

The off-shoulder and crop tops are very trending these days. Along with bright colors of these tops, if you have not adorned a neck-wear, your look of the day seems incomplete. The neckline is wide open and hence it is great to style layered necklaces with latest style pendant, also pendant necklaces can be gracefully matched to outline your chic style look.

With tees, the look is rough and tough, wear chain-style bracelet and instead of pendants, go for studs. Match the vibrant palazzo with closed neck shirt and instead of layered ones; wear a single chain with small size pendant. You can also go for simple and sweet pendant set.


Choosing ethnic is going adopting Indian style with a contemporary touch. It is very comfortable to wear ethnic wear at home for accomplishing daily chores but it is equally essential to wear little twinkles to add bliss in between.

While you are working in the kitchen, you can take off the diamond ring you are already wearing just to be sure you don’t get its gloss lost easily. But you can undoubtedly wear a bracelet, instead of chain style, wear bangle-style ones, no matter if they are diamond bracelets, they would inspire you and you would love your chores.

In case you are choosing ethnic attire for occasions like wedding, you must not miss this chance of telling more about yourself. Don’t miss on any single trinket, choose from the elegant design of Chandeliers from your wardrobe and pair them with equally stunning design of pendant and wear a matching set of diamond bangles and choose a pretty designer diamond ring to adorn your finger with finesse to finish off your traditional look.


Inspire yourself at work and love wearing formals by adding a tint of gold which will add subtle shine at work. Replace yellow gold with white or rose gold and be unique in the crowd. Avoid wearing long style earrings like chandeliers and drops, go for hoops and studs and keep it classy.

Mark every milestone at work with diamond, get an amazing jewel with your first salary and make it memorable. If you are wearing ethnic formals, you can still style yourself in jewelry but make sure you are not getting yourself overstuffed with jewelry as it is your workplace and your trinkets must not make you look jewel addicted. Sometimes, following ‘Minimum is Enchanting’ is all you have to follow.


From everyday simplicity to a glamorous appearance in parties, they love to make a modish impression wherever they go. Flaunting jewelry at parties is something that is considered mandatory for women. Do they love showing off the upgrades in their collection to their friends and make sure they get envy, right?

“There is no such thing as too much bling” Break the barriers for party jewelry and adorn the pieces you love. The sparkling diamond jewelry would make you glow brighter. You can undoubtedly choose gemstone jewelry with your maxi dress and wear heavy-studded diamond bracelet. An oversized diamond ring is best to define your grace in short.


The latest trend in 2017 can be called as tassel trend. They dangle prettily on western as well as traditional ensembles, thus making them appear yet graceful. Well suited with boat neck dresses, they swing loosely with pearl hangings in diamond pendants and a matching set of designer earrings completes the look.

Nowadays, gemstone tassels are very popular. Vivid colors of gems make the tassels
yet marvelous. The bright colors of emerald, royal blue and ravishing ruby and your favorite matching colored dress are made for each other. Many of the times, the neckline of dresses must be referred for a clear idea of what to wear and what not to wear.

Sometimes, the combination is great to choose instead of match. With bright yellow, you can pair emerald, with red colored attire, you can adorn royal blue, and rubies seem velvety finished when paired with white colored dresses.

You don’t need to follow any rules for wearing your favorite trinket as life is too short and you have a lot of jewelry in your closet and wearing an extra bijouterie never hurts. Just pick up your favorite trinkets and enjoy the flawlessness freely.