Glam touch to Diamonds – Cocktail Rings

Diamond Rings for Women are forever in demand as they are ultimate vogue drifters. From time to time, their avatars have changed. Believing that ‘Small is beautiful’ for casual wear, what about your kitty parties, your most awaited date or the long later get together of your college friends? You want something classy, may be a not-very-casual ring which is bigger in size than you wear in a daily manner and the one that gives you a conspicuous chic look. Cocktail Rings are the style of rings that are popular as party wear finger accessories. They are resplendent in designs, engraved with gems and stones in the company of sparkling diamonds and are a great pleasure to wear.

Bigger is better

Whatever pretty attire you choose for a particular event, nothing compares to jewelry in letting you blush when you look up to yourself in the mirror while getting ready. It accelerates your mood. Especially when you are wearing your favorite ring, you want it to be spotted. Select an unmatched design of diamond ring from Couture Designer Ring by Charu Jewels, which is a designer collection of magnificent patterns of gold and diamond rings that make you enlightened with ecstasy. They are an elite range of diamond jewelry for women which are modeled at our studio as a limited edition designs which you can never find on regular basis anywhere in the jewelry market. Bigger in size and richer in luxury, they are rings in precious metals like gold and platinum whereas gems are cherry toppings to modish ring patterns. Subtleties mean so much as there is tremendous beauty in them. Filigree beautified with primping makes them worth eye-catching.

Not a Newbie

Diamond Rings for Women as Cocktail Rings aka Cluster Rings or Dinner Rings existed since ages but they made a major comeback with innovative designs by turning into over sized patterns with large center gem and surrounding by gold and diamond accents. They also come in multi-finger pattern, rings that can be worn in more than one finger at a time, which seems very different from typical loops. Openly ended rings with pearls and diamond cluster flowers are sensational designs you will ever find.

Pleasing Designs that will Take Your Breath Away

Diamonds are like dew-drops, they magnify the grace of jewelry like dew brings out nature’s embrace. Combining two different shades of gold in framing a unique jewel design is our expertise. Diamond and Enamel filled flowers seem very natural. The roses formed by bringing together rubies and rose-gold hint give a feel as if you are wearing a rare flower ring. Our Crown-style ring design truly gives you queenly feel. When such amazing collection prevails, how can you resist from purchasing more than one chunky jewel? Grab your favorite diamond ring and update your jewelry box.

Diamond Rings for Women are the dearest part of their closet; they never lose affection in them. Stir-up yourself with a fabulous ring design to jazz up your dream look by giving a glam touch with an elegant cocktail ring from our jewel treasury.