Your Glisten in the Drizzle & its Care

Be it summer, winter or showers, women love to sparkle and when it is their favorite monsoon, they can’t resist from stepping out of the house for getting wet or dance in the rain on the terrace. Along with enjoying the dip drops of rain, they never leave behind their best-loved trinkets. In fact, many of them are such jewelry freaks who update their jewelry collection as per the latest add-on during every season and never leave a chance to seem glamorous.

The trends in rainy season wear are amazing to check out. The fashion designers launch great monsoon collection. The bright color couture in yellow, green, orange and blue get hot favorites in females and they adorn them gracefully in different forms like palazzo, tops and tees and such every day wear with the minimum yet essential chunks of matching jewelry with those ensemble.

It is to be noted especially in the monsoon that not every kind of jewelry in your closet can be worn easily with these attires as the jewelry you wear in monsoon demand extra care. They cannot be carried as easily as you do during other seasons. Undoubtedly you can adorn your favorite trinket but it is advisable to keep it simple and sweet so that you don’t lose their gloss.

What to wear at work?

The light showers are probably the ones who can put you in dilemma, whether you want to go to work or not because sometimes life is all about enjoying a cup of hot coffee and enjoying rain in a corridor. Anyways, when it is inevitable to leave for work, carry a little shine with you in the form of jewelry.

While you reach at work in your car, the chances are less when you have to stay extra careful as you don’t come across rain often. Try your hands on rose gold jewelry this season and style them elegantly with your formals. Let those tiny studs sparkle from your ears and that single stone diamond ring shine out impressively during cloudy day. Don’t forget to wear the pendant that gleams through your collar.

Let us check out how to care for a different kind of jewelry during the downpour. It is well said Jewelry should be the first thing you wear when you leave home and the first thing to take off when you return.”

Dealing with Diamond

As far as we are concerned with diamonds, they are the hardest substance known to mankind. It can be still easy to go with diamond jewelry but one needs to be careful for colored stones and gems.

As far as diamonds are concerned, though they don’t require special care, you have to keep certain things in mind. Avoid oversized and gemstone jewelry while you are out in rain as the dust particles present in the atmosphere can stick to the corners of gems and let it appear dull.

Try to wear them minimal so you can preserve their glossy finish for a long time. Wear minimum jewelry possible and shimmer like diamonds.

An Extra Custody of Silver

The atmosphere during monsoon contains a lot of moisture. While you are fond of wearing silver jewelry or oxidized silver, pay more attention during this season as this kind of ornaments are prone to be easily affected due to the moisture in the surrounding environment.

Silver Jewelry is prone to corrosion due to its physical properties and they lose their shine within a short span of time and during monsoon, they are to be exposed more in water frequently. It is advisable to leave the at home and opt for gold and diamond jewelry. For a change, you can also try wearing colorful jewelry with gold coating so you carry a little preciousness along everywhere.

Silver loses its shine in humid temperature. Keep them in moisture resistant container or jewelry case safe during the entire rainy period. Doing so, you would preserve its luster and glow.

Say no to Pearl and Corals

Pearls require special care as until and unless they are not real pearls, their coating can be easily lost if they are exposed to water in long or not taken proper care. These days, pearl jewelry or coral ones are good if worn less.

Pearls are very gracefully etched within handcrafted designs and once if they lose their soft and subtle look, they become of no use and you would not like to wear them later. Use tissue hack during humid atmosphere for your favorite chunk. Preserve your pearl studded gold diamond jewelry by covering with them in a tissue and then placing them in velvet or wooden jewelry case.

Jewelry Care Hacks

1.    Break the stereotypes of jewelry storage this season which you regularly use to do, thinking it safe in plastic bags. When the humidity and moisture causes vapor while packing it, it would cause sweat and would make it tarnished. Instead, clean it properly and keep it well-organized in jewelry box without any plastic or in tiny cloth bags.

2.    In place of plastic bag, you can use cotton to cover individual jewelry so you don’t mess up while wearing it again next day.

3.    Make sure you completely dry them before keeping them in box as no matter what metal you wear, the chances still exists of losing their gloss.

4.    Use silica gel bags. They absorb the moisture and leaves you worry free.

These hacks will make your jewelry retain its shine which in turn lets you cherish your favorite ornaments for more years. Enjoy monsoon to the fullest but don’t forget to care for your jewelry. Happy Monsoon!


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  2. Nice information about your blog. Thanks for sharing this diamond information with us. I will always follow this information when I will Buy ant diamond jewelry.