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#knowyourjewellery with Handcrafted Diamond Jewellery Makers Part-1

Handcrafted designer diamond jewellery has taken over our hearts & we can’t deny! Did you ever wonder about the process of jewellery making? All of your questions will come to an end today as we are about to make the entire process of crafting designer diamond jewellery.

It is but obvious that the jewellery manufacturing world has undergone a lot of transformation. Traditionally, when no machines existed, everything was handmade, had flaws and still was beautiful. But, as perfection was craved, machines were introduced and then the process moved to handcrafted from handmade.

Designer Diamond Jewellery Making: Step by Step

Enjoy every stage of designer diamond jewellery making process with videos so you get to know them closely! Here you go…

Jewellery Designing

The very first step of jewellery making begins from a sketch. The experts draw the exact image of the jewellery desired. For instance, if you bring your rough idea to the jeweler or any reference image, they will sketch out on paper first. All the following steps of the jewellery making are based on this initial step.

Digitalizing the Design (CAD/CAM)

Once the design is finalized on paper, it is then transformed into a digital version. Using CAD/CAM software, the exact design which was prepared on paper is created digitally. This is a very critical stage as the pinpoint work is done by the designer here. The model should be perfect in every sense and the fine details matter a lot.

A CAD/CAM file is used as an input for 3D Jewellery Printer which outputs the exact mold designed.

Casting Molds

A standard wax mold is achieved as an output at the second stage. This wax mold now needs to be encased in a plastic-like investment, generally utilized for jewelry making. Once the investment sets, the encased wax model is burned in the oven, thus leaving jewelry shape void in the investment.

This space is then filled with the precious metal liquid which then takes the shape of the mold. For instance, liquid is poured to take the shape of the mold.

This process is also known as the wax-tree creation method where more number of jewellery designs is achieved in one mold.


The jewellery achieved from the mold needs to be corrected for perfection. Every bit is deeply examined and the flaws are corrected, if any. The jewellery is cleaned and pre-polished before the stone-setting is attempted.

This was just half of the jewellery making process you have seen. More of the interesting steps will be unveiled soon…

Till then, stay tuned with us & meanwhile, you may hover over our handcrafted diamond jewellery designs and find something amazing for you!



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