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#knowyourjewellery with Handcrafted Diamond Jewellery Makers Part-2

As you have already seen with Handcrafted Diamond Jewellery Making Part-1, the last step was Filing. We are going to look at later processes today. We will be uncovering the rest of the stages in this blog. Let’s go!

Once a finely filed piece is achieved after the filing stage, the next step is bringing the jewellery pieces to life.

Placing Stone

What makes a jewellery piece shimmer and glisten is the twinkle and sparkle of gems and diamonds. They should be embellished with the magical diamonds which realize the actual jewellery design. Stone setting is a great challenging step for jewellery makers as they have to accomplish the task of securing diamonds and gemstones in the least invasive way.

Using the minimum amount of necessary material, gems and diamonds are secured in place with maximum durability in fittings. After all, precious stones and real diamonds need to be fitted well to beautify the trinket as it was sketched.


Polishing is enhancing the jewelry piece with the actual shine it possesses for the perfect finishing. The gold luster is generally enhanced with rotary wheels or soft muslin tools. Once the jewelry achieves the desired texture, it will be further sent for the next step i.e finesse of details which enhance its uniqueness.


Rhodium can also be considered as a sub-part of the Polishing stage. At this stage, the jewelry is given an added touch of rhodium for the perfection of shine. Every bit of the jewelry which needs a rhodium enhancement is given the handcrafted finish.

The jewelry design is almost complete at this step until it is approved by the Quality Check phase, as described next.


Quality Check ensures that customers get only the best and perfect jewelry designs. An exclusive team is employed to examine the smallest details of the trinket and checked if any flaws have remained. The diamond fittings, gemstone settings, polishing and all the jobs done at previous stages are checked and approved by experts. The aim is to ensure that the customer gets a perfectly handcrafted piece which is a remarkable possession of their collection.

Advanced Technology is integrated at every step of the jewelry making process so that any trinket is crafted with a traditional, personal and modern touch.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the process with our #knowyourjewellery series.

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