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How to accessorize for Weddings?

Women often find it confusing when it comes to picking the right designer diamond jewellery to pair with ethnic & trendy wedding outfits. Be it a bride, bridesmaid or wedding guests, the top-notch look is expected from all. How would you do it?

You may or may not walk down the aisle at weddings but remember that more eyes will be stuck on you. So, let us help you with a quick guide on pairing the accessories perfectly with desired outfits.

We’ve got you sorted by broadly categorizing wedding accessorizing into three:

Look Dapper in Designer Saree

Jewelry has traveled a long way now & unlimited options are available to grace your designer Saree look. Moreover, sarees are now available as jacket-saree & women even love tying fancy waist-belt over it. It totally depends on the type of saree you choose to wear for the occasion.

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If it is more inclined to ethnics, you can wear elegant antique jewelry. Long necklaces with a decent pair of earrings & diamond bangles will make for a wonderful outlook. Well, if you are a rule-breaker, you better choose to wear a lightweight diamond pendant set with a designer diamond bracelet to redefine Saree accessorizing in your way.

Who says you always have to follow any look-book? Why not create a bewitching appearance on your own?!

Remember that Statement diamond rings for women are inevitable for any saree looks.

Add Classic Essence to Lehenga Choli

Lehenga Choli is one of the most popular wedding outfits still in trend & does not seem to go outdated anytime soon.

Create effortlessly stunning looks with multi-layered handcrafted necklace designs. It’s good news for brides who rather stay away from heavily-studded necklaces with a fear that they would not be able to wear it again. You can now pick designs that can then be adorned separately.

For instance, you can grab such necklaces that can complete the wedding looks and can be adorned with any contemporary outfit in your closet.

Rock the Evening Gowns like never before!

No need to mention that Evening gowns encompass innumerable styles including strapless dress, one-shoulder dress, high necklines, and what not! Such a look is mostly preferred for Sangeet or Wedding reception.

Style Tip: Keep accessorizing minimal with party wear gowns for a balanced look

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You can get sorted in one-shot by paying attention to your neckline. Evening gowns are loved by their styles and sensational necklines and you should stick to it for show-stealer looks. Diamond Choker or Chain Necklaces are for Strapless gowns & one-shoulder dresses and diamond chandelier earrings are made for each other.

Do you have any style secrets to share? Feel free to add up to the comments!

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