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How to clean diamond jewellery during COVID-19 outbreak?

Cleaning diamond jewellery also got one of the essentials during this pandemic.

We’re facing a very critical time for months now & we’re getting concerned with cleanliness, sanitization & disinfection to a great extent. The way we wash our hands, face, clothes & even veggies, we can’t be careless towards our jewellery!

Casual-wear accessories can be the best places for germs and may get to be a carrier for viruses too. We have to make sure that our jewellery is clean too.

Why cleaning everyday jewellery is essential?

Diamond rings for women, earrings, pendants, bangles, and so on are usually adorned daily. They may contain bacteria & dirt. It has become essential to keep your jewellery clean just in the way you keep yourself clean.

For instance, if you take off your diamond ring & put it back, you may re-contaminate your hands. The same thing can happen with other jewellery items too.

Tips to Keep Diamond Jewellery Clean during & after COVID-19

  1. Don’t use Sanitizer to clean Jewellery

Since we’ve given a special place to sanitizers & disinfectants in our homes, we may think that they are safe for jewellery cleaning too. For your information, using sanitizers on your precious jewellery can harm the stones. Also, they are not ideal because they can snatch away the original gloss & shine of jewellery.

Say NO to sanitizers for jewellery cleaning as most sanitizers have a high alcohol content that is not good for jewellery!

  1. Wear minimum Jewellery pieces so you have to clean fewer ones

Avoid wearing heavy jewellery pieces as most of the time you’re home. You may step out for groceries and so adopt a habit of wearing minimal jewellery pieces only. This way, you’ll have to clean lesser jewellery pieces & also your precious and semi-precious stones will be safe in your closet.

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  1. Use lukewarm water to wash jewellery well

We’ve always recommended using mild soap water to clean jewellery whether it is just another day or during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Don’t use harsh dishwashing/clothing liquids on your jewellery. Use a soft-bristle brush & slowly rub the corners of your jewellery with lukewarm water & mild soap. Once cleaned well, wash it with plain water, again lukewarm, and then wipe it with a dry cotton cloth. That’s it!

So simple, isn’t it?

Cleaning jewellery at home should be done at least once a week or two-weeks. It will keep your jewellery shining & in good condition for a long time.

Do you agree? If yes, share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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