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5 Secrets to Ever Shining Diamond Jewellery

All of us have an exotic collection of Designer Diamond Jewellery. It would be better to say that diamond jewellery has now become an intricate part of our lives, isn’t it? But, most people have a hidden desire to see their diamonds sparkling in jewellery as they did at the time of purchase.

Today we are going to explore 5 amazing secrets which will make your dream come true. You will be able to wear your favorite rings, trending diamond earrings design & any of your favorite accessories in newly purchased condition. Here you go!

Try to keep Diamonds away from Dirt

Despite the fact that diamonds are the hardest, they are prone to lose sparkling texture when greasy dirt settles around them. Moreover, they need to be handled carefully while cleaning as the oil on our finger-skin can also make your cleaning efforts in vain.

You must have seen the dirt settled around diamonds, if not visible on the outer portion, you may see it in the inner portion of jewellery.

For instance, if you wear the casual diamond ring while cooking, it’s inside design or corners will catch up with dirt. To not let any such thing happen to you, take off your ring while cooking or sleeping when your jewellery is prone to get dirty.

Be an ‘often’ cleaner

You don’t need any specialized cleaners if you really want to clean your jewellery. Plan to clean your diamond jewellery once or twice a week. To do this, you only need a bowl filled with water, a dishwashing liquid or soap foam and a clean old toothbrush. Add dishwashing liquid to water and rub the solution on your jewellery design slowly with the toothbrush. Soap foam can be used as an alternative. And you are done!

Handle Diamond Jewellery Gently

Though diamonds are not delicate, diamond jewellery should be handled with care. For instance, if your diamond engagement ring has a delicate prong setting, it may loosen its grip if not taken care while cleaning. So take care that you don’t scrub vigorously, use a gentle bristled toothbrush and wipe off properly with a cotton cloth.

Say NO to Harmful Solutions

Chlorine bleach, baking soda, toothpaste or household cleaners are NOT recommended. Chemicals or ingredients used in them may harm the metal, can scratch the gold and dull away the diamonds.

Take your Jewellery to Experts

If you are puzzled how to clean jewellery on your own, you better leave it to experts. Take your jewellery for cleaning or polishing to trusted jewelers who know how to do it right. They will clean jewellery professionally & no room for fear will exist.

Cleaning diamond jewellery is as simple as that! Do try these and don’t forget to share your cleaning tips with us.

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