Before buying Gold, the majority of us are much concerned about Gold Rates, knowing about Gold Rates is just one aspect. Beside Gold Rates, one needs to know about Gold Carats & Colors as well because all these aspects have a vital effect on Gold Rate.

24 Carat

is purest form of Gold,
i.e 100% pure

22 Carat

is 91.67% pure

18 Carat

is 75% pure

14 Carat

is 58% pure

which means that for remaining percentages, other metals are used.

Gold Carats

Gold carats are mentioned on each jewelry which is denoted by letter ‘K’, so the numeric value mentioned before the letter K says about the carat. Hence, if numeric figures are 24 it mentions that jewelry is
made of 24 Carat Gold.

24 Carat Gold is considered as the purest form of Gold, as it’s soft metal it is more likely to scratch and bend hence it isn’t commonly used for jewelry. Carats less than 24 are used for jewelry but those aren’t the purest form of Gold, some other metals are mixed with Gold to strengthen it, majorly for jewelry 22 carat & 18-carat gold is used.

Colors of Gold

Since gold is a blend of metals, basically its an alloy. Using a combination of various metals can result in varied colors of Gold, widely adapted colors are yellow, white & rose

Yellow Gold

Combination of Gold with Silver/Copper/Zinc is used to opt for Yellow Gold. It is widely used in jewelry making & it is forever trending gold color.

Yellow Gold

The White gold concept is more likely to be opted by those who aren’t interested to carry gold jewelry with a typical look. Generally, a combination of Gold & Platinum is used for White Gold. White gold is more durable and scratch-resistant which makes it seem more purchase worthy.

Yellow Gold

It’s much in trend because it’s altogether a completely new concept wherein Gold is merged with Copper & Silver. Along with durability Copper content makes it affordable as well. Moreover, the rose gold color is eye soothing as well as affordable & gives a refreshing look.


Yellow Gold :

White Gold :

Rose Gold :