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Less is more – Workwear Jewellery Inspiration

A little inspiration is all we need at some point to keep going and ‘Less is more’ is crafted to bring you the wave of positivity in the form of designer diamond jewellery.

In the era when most women are spending their time at the workplace, it is essential that they care for their looks. Women are now playing leadership roles, entrepreneurs and hold high designations in multinational companies. Hence, it is inevitable to celebrate their strength and diamond jewellery just gives a reason for celebration. Being successful at work is a combination of skills but no one ever said to leave your hobbies of accessorizing behind despite the fact that you are busy.

Here are the few tips which will motivate you to pick better diamond jewellery designs for you.

3 Tips to wear Stunning Diamond Jewellery at Work

Pick your statement piece

Women usually wear many accessories and why not! Workplace never limits you from wearing the diamond jewellery but you just have to be specific. Whether you are wearing diamond rings, earrings, pendants or bracelets, only one jewellery piece is your signature piece. You may change the rest of the accessories but that one piece remains common.

Glamour Ashes Diamond Gold Ring

Radiating Rock Diamond Gold Ring

For instance, these designer diamond bracelets are the unique combination of sophistication and class and are just perfect for workplace accessorizing.

Sparkling Kornard Diamond Gold Bracelet

Linear Surge Diamond Gold Bracelet

Avoid Jazzy Jewellery

One should have their personal ethics when it comes to wearing jewellery. Obviously, you cannot wear all the shimmering pieces from your wardrobe just because you like it. Accessorizing well is a form of good manners and when you are representing yourself at a workplace, makes sure you are talked-about for good and not for fun.

Chandeliers and even big drops are not at all recommended with your formal wear. However, you can surely hop on to studs as they designer diamond earrings which blend well with Kurtis as well as shirts. They are go-to earlobe jewels whether you are going for an interview, presentation or regular office wear.

Geometric Plains Diamond Gold Earrings

Scintillating Bernado Diamond Gold Earrings

This is just an instance; you can explore more of diamond stud earrings or make an amazing trio by picking a designer pendant and studs of your choice from our exclusive collection online.

Analyze Work Culture

The place where you work makes an impact on your dressing and accessorizing. The post or designation you are working should be kept in mind and it will help you figure out the essentials. Your work environment can either be traditional or utterly contemporary and sophisticated. The one who is serving as a representative at a jewellery store may wear traditional and the one serving at a salon may wear western so you should consider the environment first.

Here is a suggestion which will cope-up really well regardless of the workplace you are functional at.

Prime Circle Trio Diamond Gold Pendant

Placebo Circles Diamond Gold Pendant

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, don’t go overboard but keep your personality in mind. Buy online designer jewellery pieces which you are comfortable with. It is not at all recommended to wear noisy jewellery (jewellery which makes a sound) or layered necklaces which make an unprofessional impression at a workplace.

Hope you enjoyed this read. We would like to know about your work-wear jewellery stories in the comments!





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