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How to make your #stayhome looks sparkling with diamond jewellery?

Things are different when you’re working from home, right? You’re even working with pajamas on & that feels undisputedly comfy. You are in a different comfort zone but when you have to attend Zoom meetings, you’ve to switch to work-wear mode.

Every #workingfromhome employee will relate to this. Especially women, who are very concerned with work-wear fashion but the scenario is totally opposite when they are at home. This blog is all about essential styling while working from home so that you’re as flawless as your routine office looks.

So what if you’re working from home, you deserve to look sober & professional during Video Meetings.

Follow these simple tips & make every video call-look fresher than ever!

Wear Minimal Jewelry

You’re not dressed as formal while indoors. Also, you’re not completely visible on a video conference call most of the time. So be selective with your outfit choice first & then pick the right minimal jewelry design that matches your outfit. For instance, it can be simple diamond stud earrings & a decent designer pendant that compliments your homely look & attire.

Sort your Jewellery Collection

Working 9 to 6 is a great struggle as you’re consistently juggling between home & office these days. Some women are habituated to take accessories off as they’re home. If this is you, we understand that feels.

We strongly recommend you to sort your jewelry collection & keep precious accessories sanitized & stored in your closet. Next, you’ve got much time to figure out what will work out for you during COVID-19 & so you can sort some selective accessories you’re about to wear.

Adopt inspirational looks

Never mind if you’re working from home for months, this should not kill your inner fashionista. Find inspiration from fashion influencers who’re consistently sharing ideas on dos & don’ts for homely styling. You can then buy some precious treats from our online jewellery store at affordable rates!

How to clean diamond jewelry during COVID-19 outbreak?

Ditch old-fashioned rings & buy some ecstatic diamond rings for women & latest diamond bracelet designs that make your key-press enjoyable. (This also counts when you want to share #workfromhome selfies!)

4 Things to do with your Diamond Jewellery while at Home

You might not pay attention & your designer diamond jewelry might become a carrier for COVID-19. To not let this happen, here are a few things you must do while you’re at home:

  1. Keep heavy & chunky jewelry pieces back in the wardrobe after cleaning them well
  2. Wear your routine accessories only after sanitizing them well & wiping with cotton swabs
  3. Use mild cleansers to wash jewelry & leave them soaked for at least 10 to 15 minutes so that the dirt & grime from the inner corners is removed
  4. Rinse your diamond jewelry in warm water & wipe with a soft cotton cloth to ensure that the gems & stones are properly clean

What’s your #styleathome mantra?! Do share with us in the comments below.

Also, share if you have some style secrets for Zoom meetings wearing your favorite diamond jewelry designs shopped with us.

Until next time, stay home, stay safe, and of course, stay stylish!

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