Diamond-Jewellery-Old vs. New Jewellery Etiquettes

Old vs. New Jewellery Etiquettes

You wear designer diamond jewellery from quite long. Wearing your favorite jewellery is what you have been doing to date.

The title might confuse you & you may think like “Do we need to follow any etiquette for accessorizing too?” Well, yes!

We are about to discover some jewellery etiquettes that will blow your minds away. By following the trending rules, you get to learn things that don’t make you look outdated.

  1. You can now freely mix-and-match

Women used to wear one-tone jewellery pieces in previous years. They feared to pair different metal color. It was considered that going overboard and wearing jewellery pieces with different metal tones at the same time will be too fancy.

Today, you can even shop diamond rings for women crafted in two gold tones. The freedom of mix and match can be enjoyed now without fearing that someone will make fun. It is a stylish & funky element when you choose a distinct combination.

  1. ‘Ring finger’ taboo is no more!

“Your vein finger can only be occupied if you are engaged or married” – This could be the biggest trouble faced by unmarried women willing to wear a ring. It was considered that someone will mistakenly think of an unmarried woman as engaged or married if she carries a ring in her vein finger.

diamond ring design - Charu Jewels

This is taken lightly nowadays as women love to flaunt their diamond solitaire rings or any of the trendy ring designs. Nobody thinks if they should not wear a ring in that finger just because they are unmarried or not engaged yet.

  1. Combinations are new-ins

The matching-matching concept was widespread a few years back. Women now cherish wearing combination jewellery more than matching ones.

For instance, if you used to wear ruby-studded jewellery with a pink outfit 10 years back then the latest trend is pairing emeralds with the same pink outfit.

The bottom line is, there are no rules to be followed. You can wear whatever you want and as you like. Forget about what others would think & celebrate your being. The rule of thumb is – “There are no rules.”

These are to be mentioned as a few; you may have come across many of such rules you used to follow previously. Feel free to share yours in the comments.

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