Shop till you Drop on Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Be it Indian Culture or Western, expressing gratitude is what brings us together and gives timeless moments.

As the holiday season begins, it brings the relaxing vibes in our lives but before we get indulged in the celebrations, let’s not forget that shopping season is about to make us jump with joy. After all, grabbing the much-awaited wish-listed stuff can be purchased at best prices & our sparkling collection of Diamond Rings for Women is all set to leave you speechless. With the classic international level finesse of craftsmanship, they are the go-grabbing pieces.


Let’s not deny that most of the people in the US await the arrival of the year-end not just to celebrate New Year but also for Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Arriving in a row, these days are no less than occasions to grab as much as you can, LITERALLY! (As long as you have bucks to spend, you should not miss it)

Before you make a checklist to be cut-short this time, we don’t want to miss out on extremely affordable and precious trinkets that you’ll gleefully add to your collection. Also, it is the best way to make your loved ones feel super special during Thanksgiving & buy something trending for you on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

We’re planning to make a difference for good this year with lightweight diamond stud earrings, keep reading to see what’s special for you. Jewelry Gifts are forever because…

“There is always, always something to be thankful for”

Not to be mentioned, the holiday that falls on the last Thursday in November is celebrated as Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Day is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men; but be careful that you do not take the day and leave out the gratitude. We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.

Do you know? The first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924 featured live animals from the Central Park Zoo.

Most people spend this day with ‘family time’ & adding a cherry-topping with a gift for everyone will make it a great time. As you gather for turkeys, let the presents make a surprise appearance.


And, if you’re clear that you want to buy something for you or your family then why don’t you check out exclusive offers on designer diamond bracelets and check out the ready-to-ship collection.

Sail into Shopping Spree on Black Friday

The madness of Black Friday has taken over the world like anything and the citizens of 15 countries eagerly wait for this day to shop like crazy.

“Whoever said that money cannot buy happiness, simply doesn’t know where to go shopping.” – This falls so true when Black Friday is around the corners.

Following thanksgiving, you get another reason to empty your pockets & see your money hanging in your wardrobe and accessorized. You know what I mean! Hopping for the best deals is what you seek and what we offer.

Do you know? In Mexico, Black Friday is referred to as “El Buen Fin”, which translates to “the good weekend.”

Cyber Monday – The only Monday with No #mondayblues

Most people feel like it’s an “Add to Cart” kind of day when its cyber Monday. The first Monday of December labeled as cyber Monday is when all the eyes are on the deals offered by your favorite retailers. But wait, we would like you to know that our online jewellery store sells real diamond jewellery at best and affordable rates regardless of the cyber Monday.

Do you know? Cyber Monday is the 2nd most popular shopping day of Thanksgiving week.

50% of customers shopping during Thanksgiving Week say they’ll shop Cyber Monday sales (compared to the 61% who say they’ll shop on Black Friday.) as per

The clear calculation is that you have multiple occasions to bag your favorite outfits, footwear, electronics, furniture & designer diamond jewellery too! It’s all up to you now. To stay organized with online shopping, you can keep an eye on the sites you want to make a purchase from. Make sure that you don’t delay hitting “Buy Now” else seeing stuff labeled with “SOLD OUT” or “OUT OF STOCK” hurts no less than a breakup.

Offer…Offer….Offer!!! Then why wait to buy your favorite Designer Diamond Jewellery?

Delivering top-class designer diamond jewellery with genuineness and quality finishing is one of the major goals of Charu Jewels. You get to shop the best of our collection not just on Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Cyber Monday at affordable prices but all round the year at competitive prices.

No matter which corner of the world you shop from, be assured to get certified real diamond jewellery from a popular store in the city called Diamond Hub – Surat.

You’ll end up with a ‘HAPPY’ shopping experience always, just like our existing customers who always turn to us for jewellery purchase. Most of our diamond jewellery designs are ready to ship so that your celebrations are perfect with the missing piece fulfilled by us.

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