Uncut Diamonds make for the Best Custom Engagement Rings – Here’s the Proof!

It’s obvious to crush over Engagement Rings for Women; regardless of they are polished or uncut diamonds.

We are here with a unique concept of uncut diamond engagement rings that’ll blow your minds. These are the type of rings that you may find in your Grandma’s closet & try it with a ‘Wow’ on your lips. They haven’t gone old-fashioned yet. You can still make a dapper appearance with this unique ring on your finger.

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We’re talking about uncut diamonds, i.e., raw diamonds. If you’re new to this, go on reading…

What are uncut diamond engagement rings?

Uncut Diamond Rings are for brides who are in love with the more polished rustic diamond.

You must be familiar with the classic Diamond Rings for Women or shimmering Diamond Solitaire Rings. Uncut diamond engagement rings are for couples who make their path. They are intriguing choices as rough or raw diamond symbolizes pure love.

Diamonds are known for their facets, sparkle & brilliant cuts. Uncut diamonds might not have any of these features; still, they are wanted for the exceptional beauty they carry.

Rare yet pleasing choice

Do you know? The price of an uncut diamond is basically related to its size, clarity, and color. The larger the size (carat), the more is its price.

If your beloved’s dream isn’t surrounding princess, cushion, or pear-cut diamonds, you can surely think about uncut diamonds. They will turn out to be a rare choice, just like your love.

Numerous settings & style options

No wonder uncut diamonds don’t have any specific shape. Still, they can be fixed in desired settings ranging from a single stone to multiple stone settings. You can also create a three-prong style engagement ring using uncut diamonds.

Uncut diamonds blend really well with Rose, Yellow & White Gold

The metal options don’t get limited with uncut diamonds. They look prettier than ever whether they’re set in rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold.

Also, it need not necessarily be the plain band. Ask for beautiful craftsmanship of leaves or different wonderful features on the band & you’ll get it. You can also have the dates carved on the inner side of the band. Besides this, it’s possible to create a set of engagement & Wedding Rings too. Now you see what we mean by endless design opportunities.

Looking for fair-priced engagement rings? Go for uncut!

Good news for uncut diamond lovers! Uncut Diamond Engagement Rings might be cheaper than polished diamond jewellery. The reason is: It has not been cut & polished.

However, pricing concerns are influenced by many features. It would help if you consult your favorite jewellery store regarding this.

Uncut Diamond Engagement Rings: Customize it as you want

We hope you enjoyed reading about Uncut Diamond Engagement Rings. Do you think they are for your beloved? If yes, why waste time? Let’s connect & create a match-made-in-heaven kind of engagement ring using uncut diamonds for your special day.

Consult our jewellery experts or start to Customize Engagement Ring Designs today!

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